Create A Specific Plan To Reconnect With Your Boyfriend Or Husband And Create A Bond That Lasts Forever Using The 4-Part "You. Together. Forever." Method

Keep Sex Alive Long Term, Feel Understood, Open Up And Trust, And Get Unstuck From Bickering And Fights

When I was a gay teenager, I remember going to the Barnes and Noble bookstore desperately searching for tools to create a healthy, happy gay relationship. I wanted to start dating like my straight friends were doing.

I could tell that I had no idea how to connect to another gay guy. When I met my first boyfriend, Mike, I felt like I was giving in all the time. He worked at a supermarket deli, and had no interest in going to college someday. I was applying to universities, and felt like we were not on the same page. We just felt disconnected all the time. 

Though he and I didn't last very long, things got better when I found support from other gay guys who knew how relationships work. I needed a community of folks I could relate to.

When I met my current husband, Alapaki Yee, our lives changed when we found practical tools and skills to implement in our relationship. We were both licensed therapists at the time (and still are), but we had to learn like all other couples ways to not let things build up. Through the Gottman Method, we discovered how to manage our conflicts around our cultural differences. Through regular practice, we built habits and routines into our weekly interaction that helped us to provide to one another's needs easily without causing conflicts. I'm proud to say we'll be celebrating our 13th Valentine's Day this year.

In 2007 we created a supportive Institute for gay men to create awesome relationships. It's called the Gay Couples Institute, and is now the only relationship Institute in the world to publish outcome data on it's success rate. 

Our newest program, which the 393 couples in our free Facebook group helped name "You. Together. Forever." is designed to help you take your relationship with your husband or boyfriend to amazing levels. 

All you need is a plan, which is what this six-month exclusive relationship-coaching program provides.

Join us in this amazing program, and realize the relationship happiness you deserve.

To your future together,
Salvatore (Sam) Garanzini, and Alapaki Yee
Cofounders, Gay Couples Institute
Certified Gottman Couples Therapists

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Applied Specifically To Your Situation, These Four Modules Implemented Over This Six Month Program Can Make Relationship Succeed And Thrive

Module 1: Stop Giving In / Create A Plan To Express And Get Needs Met

  • Easily deal with differences, wants, desires of the other person when one person isn’t interested in the same thing
  • Reverse the pattern that leaves you feeling taken advantage of or getting treated like a doormat
  • Move easily through situations where you are both afraid to say what is on your mind because you don’t want to hurt each other
  • Put together your own plan to balance being in a relationship with his (or your) needs for solitude
  • And more skills on tools specifically on expressing needs so you can stop giving in.

Module 2: Stop Bad Arguments In Their Tracks By Making Conflict Productive Again

  • Develop a plan for responding to negative behaviors and annoyances that leaves you both feeling closer than you were before
  • Listen to one another in a way that creates true understanding of your perspective on the issue
  • Figure out when to work things out, and when (and how) to come back to it later when you'll be more successful
  • Stop justifying your reactions, and move past wanting to always be right about how you feel
  • And more skills and tools on healthy arguments and conflict that leaves you feeling closer than you were before...

Module 3: Touch, Sex, Fantasy, Attraction

  • Discover how to stop hounding him for some intimacy when he never initiates
  • Address underlying fears that you're not good enough, or simply don't feel attractive
  • What to do to keep the spark alive and being 100% honest with your feelings
  • Create your own plan to keep your sex life fun and interesting
  • Feel comfortable bringing up potentially difficult topics like sexual attraction towards other men, and develop solid sexual trust
  • And many other topics around sex, fantasy, intimacy, and love...

Module 4: Creating A Bond Of Trust That Lasts Forever

  • Understand his words, and his actions, such that you no longer doubt what he's saying is genuine
  • Learn from positive real-life examples to address distracting outside issues like work-life-balance, parenting, in-laws, and other that cause you to not feel bonded
  • Get support and a sense of belonging when you question whether trust is really able to be repaired
  • What to do when he (or you) have a hard time opening up about his feelings and showing that he cares
  • And many other skills and tools to repair trust and solidify your bond forever...
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How This Unique Program Works

  • Secret Facebook Community

    The Coaching Group Is Secret And Not Searchable, Allowing Us To Support One Another Throughout The Week Easily

  • 4 Modules Of Relationship-Building Content

    All Four Modules Contain Solid Exercises And Tools You Can Implement Immediately At Home

  • Twice-Monthly Live Video Coaching Calls

    Receive Support From From Our Experienced Experts To Help You With Application Of The Material

  • Regular Homework Assignments and Exercises

    These Practical Tools And Exercises Will Take You To The Next Level Of Personal And Relational Growth

  • Recordings of Calls

    Can’t Make Both Meetings Each Month? Need To Arrive Late, Or Leave Early? No Problem. You Get Access To All Of The Calls To Go At Your Own Speed, Or To Watch An Exercise Demonstration Again

  • Members-Only Access

    Exclusive Access To Teaching Videos And Articles That Are Only Available For Our Coaching Clients As Well As A 30-45 Minute Video Teaching Two Modules Each Month Devoted Specifically To The Needs Of Members Of The Group.

Results We’ve Helped Other Couples Achieve Since 2007:

We published our results in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy in October 2017.

The Gay Couples Institute is the only relationship center in the world, gay or straight, to transparently measure our techniques and determine whether we're effective at all.

The results were amazing. Relationship satisfaction scores of 106 studied couples at the Gay Couples Institute showed immediate rapid improvement in their relationship upon learning the skills taught in this program. More importantly, they were able to maintain those gains upon follow up.

This speaks ultimately to the abilities and inherent success of gay relationships, despite being oppressed minority in parts of the world. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  • The "You. Together. Forever." Advanced Coaching Program provides the tools that your relationship needs to maintain a healthy connection, forever. We have live private group coaching meetings (just like our private Facebook Challenges, but much more intimate) twice a month for six months.


  • During that time, you'll:

    … have access to Sam and Alapaki – Certified Gottman Couples Therapists, and their hand-selected coaches who work for the Gay Couples Institute

    … have an opportunity to ask questions and learn new skills based on your specific challenges

    … have access to the other members in the 401 group in a private, nurturing and supportive environment

    The goal is to help put a plan together for you that will create lasting change by August 1, 2018.

When do we meet live? 

  • The first two live meetings are set on Wednesdays at 4PM PST
  • The meetings last 90 minutes, typically
  • During that time, the group of 20 participants will fill out a survey regarding alternatives that might work better for everyone
  • Trainings continue for twelve sessions, typically six months from when you joined.
  • You'll always have access to the replays of the private group trainings

What do we cover? 

  • We will be teaching all of the four main modules couples typically need to work on: conflict management, trust, sex, and getting needs met.
  • See the four module description above for further details.

What are my options? 

  • You can attend with your partner, or on your own. All of the lessons are designed for you to implement yourself.
  • Your training sessions are taught by six different coaches, all experienced in the Gay Couples Institute's methodology.
  • Many of your trainings will have additional guest speakers brought in to teach about specialized issues, especially around rebuilding trust, and healthy long-term sex. These are often the most powerful sessions you'll experience.

What does it cost? 

  • Our coaching clients usually invest $3000 to $10,000 for a three-month program. We want to make this accessible to more couples, so this program is $1197 for the first 20 registrants.
  • If you're attending with a boyfriend or husband, they are included in the original cost.

Is there a deadline to take advantage of this? 

  • We can only take 20 participants into the group. Once it's full, it's closed.
  • We have 12 spots pre-sold, and anticipate the "You. Together. Forever." Gay Relationships 401 course to sell out

Is this therapy? 

  • Couples approach us in very good, and very challenging places when they begin our program. The term "therapy" is used to describe treatment for psychological disorders. We do not approach your relationship from this negative stance, unless it is clear that other psychological factors are going on. At that point we would refer you to someone in your community for elevated care while you continue this program. Couples have seen a lot of success when this has been needed in the past.
  • Although most of the coaching staff in this program have mental health licenses or certifications, the skills taught in this program are not delivered under the auspices of those credentials. This is done because those credentials are utilized when treating mental health "disorders," which is not how we see your situation.

Is there a guarantee? 

  • We're the only relationship program to publish our results in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, October 2017).
  • This said, the success of others does not automatically ensure your success. There is no way for us to "guarantee" your success because so much of it depends on you. Ultimately, you make the final decision in your relationship. We are there to support your implementation of these skills as you see fit. Your relationship is the most important thing in your life, so you need to be in control of its direction.

Is this private and confidential? 

  • Yes. Your participation will only be visible to our trained staff, and the others in the group. Your group will be set to 'secret' on Facebook so that no one else can see that you're in the group.
  • The group members sign a confidentiality agreement saying that nothing said in the group will be repeated outside of it.

Are there bonuses? 

  • Yes! We want to meet with you and learn about what you'd like to get out of the program! The first three registrants get a 30-minute meeting with Sam or Alapaki (depending on availability) to discuss a plan for the six months ahead. (normally $247).
  • Yes, and YES! The first ten (10) registrants get a copy of the 80-page Gay Couples Institute Self Study Course, which outlines the application of our method (the Gottman Method) with gay couples. This powerful workbook has helped many couples start off quickly on the right foot upon starting the program. (normally $87)

Receive Guidance Applying The Modules To Your Specific Situation

Meet Your Coaching Faculty...

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You can get started today for a deposit of $237. If you're not satisfied with the program for any reason, we'll give you a full refund if we're notified before 3/1/18. The rest of the balance is due on 3/1/18, upon which all sales are final.

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