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Your Communication Style:
“The Referee.”

The single most important thing you can easily do stop relationship conflict and become more skilled with conflict, even if you haven’t been good at conflict before is to appreciate and understand your preferred communication style.

Based on your answers, as a "Referee", what's important is...

  • ➡ How to respond when your partner is having a "good day," but you know the it's only a matter of time before things fall apart when something goes wrong for him

  • ➡ How to get more skilled with relationship conflict, even if you’ve never been good at it before

  • ➡ How to address double standards, (like when he does something while driving you can't say anything, but if YOU do it, he's all over it)

  • Figuring out the dating puzzle, especially relating to a new person, being flexible, and establishing commitment (if you're single)

  • ➡ How to stop getting irritated with one another over seemingly silly things

  • ➡ And much, much more...

Here’s What We're Covering On This Training, All About Your "Referee" Communication Style:

Join Me On A Free 60-Minute Training, All About Your Relationship Style:

  • ➡ How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes gay couples make with relationship conflict

  • ➡ How to get more skilled with relationship conflict, even if you’ve never been good at it before

  • ➡ Figure out the FASTEST way that guys improve their relationship
  • ➡ Why knowing your Communication Style sets you up for success on your next date

  • ➡ CASE STUDY: How one couple figured out how to not get pulled into big arguments anymore

  • ➡ CASE STUDY: How a long-term couple rekindled their connection after 10 years of lacking excitement

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We look forward to seeing you on the training. You can expect to figure out how knowing your Communication Style can help you become more skilled at relationship conflict, and even make conflict an asset in your relationship.

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 - Sam Garanzini, MFT & Alapaki Yee, MFT
Cofounders, Gay Couples Institute
Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapists

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