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Couple Adjustment Test

Check the dot on the scale line below which best describes the degree of happiness, everything considered, of your present relationship.  The middle point “happy” represents the degree of happiness which most people get from a relationship, and the scale gradually ranges on one side to those few who are very unhappy in relationship, and on the other, to those few who experience extreme joy or felicity in the relationship.

Plese select a radio button on this scale.

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Very Unhappy                                            Happy                                             Perfectly Happy

State the approximate extent of agreement or disagreement between you and your partner on the following items. 

Please select one for each:

1-Handling Family Finances

2-Matters of Recreation

3-Demonstrations of Affection


5-Sex relations

6-Conventionality (right, good, or proper conduct)

7-Philosophy of Life

8-Ways of dealing with “in-laws"

9-When disagreements arise, they usually result in:

10-Do you and your partner engage in outside interests together?

11-In leisure time do you generally prefer:

12-Does your partner generally prefer:

13-Do you ever wish you were not together?

14-If you had your life to live over again, do you think you would:

15-Do you ever confide in your partner:

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