Dear Couple,


Congratulations on taking the first step toward strengthening your relationship.


Our goal is to help you progress in the most efficient amount of time possible.


When you go see a doctor they usually do some tests to make sure the diagnosis is correct. We do the same.


These questionnaires are crucial to help us assess and effectively understand your current relationship. This test will help us determine what is working correctly in your relationship, so that we may help you to build on these positive strengths. It will also quickly reveal the specific areas that need attention in the therapy, so that we can quickly begin addressing the core issues in your relationship. Therefore, please answer the questionnaires honestly; only the clinical director will see your answers.


Each of you should take these 2 pages of this online assessment separately. (There is a third page at the end which is optional, but very helpful for us to speed up your process.)


We will contact you once you both complete this assessment in order to schedule a phone meeting. At that meeting you can discuss goals, costs, insurance, and the specific tools that might immediately help your relationship. We have over 64 different tools to offer. This assessment helps determine what you might benefit from initially.


We look forward to talking to you soon,


– Sam Garanzini, MFT, LPCC & Alapaki Yee, MFT
Co-Founders | Marriage and Relationship Counseling Institute





    1. Complete all of the above questionnaires alone and privately, and to the best of your ability.  Please do not share your responses with one another.


    1. Depending on the length of your comments on page 2, this should only take about 1 hour to complete.


    1. The assessment is three pages long, including this page. If you do not complete a particular page, do not worry. Just click SUBMIT at the bottom and it will send your work. Come back later, and though the page will appear blank, you should just pick up where you left off and continue. Using your initials at the top of the page will help us compile your results. Most clients submit the first two pages, take a break, then finish the last page by itself.


  1. Answer the questions in terms of how the relationship is now, at this moment. This will help us get a better snapshot of the relationship’s strengths and challenges.



Please contact us at 877.424.1221 if you have any questions.

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