How do I actually *implement* the Gottman Method with my couples?

How do I get new couples for my practice that I can start on the Gottman assessments?

What do I do when difficult situations arise?

What are my next steps in my couples professional development?

Hi there!

This is Sam Garanzini, MFT, and I enjoyed teaching your recent Gottman training. I’ve been teaching the method for John and Julie since 2009, and I’ve supervised about 40 clinicians through several thousand Gottman couples therapy sessions. I’ve listened to their audios, watched their videos, and answered their questions all along the way.

What I’ve learned is that clinicians have many of the same normal roadblocks to implementing the training.  As a faculty member in a graduate level Counseling Psychology program, I often find myself wishing they could talk to students that were slightly ahead of their growth.

But the Gottman process doesn’t create a mechanism for students to learn from each other.

You know what’s really frustrating to me, as a student of assorted Continuing Education classes over the years?

I get so disappointed when I pay several hundred dollars for a great training, then go back to my practice, and inadvertently put the binder on the shelf.

And you know what? It stays there for months, usually. Many of you can relate, probably.

Then some “clinical situation” arises, and I go to use the “training” I received several months ago. I then realize that the manual makes no sense because I’ve forgotten the core concepts. Do I want to teach myself all over again? No! So I pick and choose a few things that kind of make sense, and try them out at the next session.

Now let me ask you a few questions…

  • What if we could change all of that right now?
  • What if you could easily make your training last all year?
  • Furthermore, what if you could also ask questions about developing your couples therapy practice?

This, my friends, is exactly why I started the Advanced Gottman Mastermind Group on Facebook.

Here are some important things to understand about the group:

Goals of the Advanced Gottman Mastermind (AGM) Facebook Group:

  • Continue your learning with monthly trainings, case studies, role-plays, and videos
  • Cover clinical material about the Gottman Method, and how it is/isn't similar to other therapies
  • Talk about couples practice marketing trends
  • Create a warm, collegial environment of smart clinicians, just like you, trained in the Gottman Method
  • Earn CEU's for our group trainings

What are our planned topics?

Our planned topics (subject to change, depending on polls from the Group):

  • April: Meta Emotion Mismatch: The Ainsworth Experiment
  • May: Resistant couples - techniques for encouraging people to ask for what they really need
  • June: Conflict Avoidant couples - what this says about their attachment, and what to do in the therapy room
  • July: Advanced Presentation on Addiction and Couples
  • August: Using Psychopharmacology in Coupes Therapy - OCD/ADD/Addiction
  • September: Not Just Friends: Emotional Cheating

Questions and Answers about the Group

These are some good questions my clinicians have asked:

1. What’s a “mastermind” group?

  • a. Mastermind groups are all about collaboration: you are both a teacher, and a student. This is a warm, collegial environment of smart clinicians, just like you, trained in the Gottman Method. Here you will learn, shared knowledge, and network with a family of professionals. That's really special and rare.

2. Who is in the group?

  • a. This is a private mastermind group of clinicians who want to go deeper in their knowledge of the Gottman Method. Although Level 1, 2, and 3 are irreplaceable for your overall understanding of the Gottman Method, every clinician has specific questions about unique situations and topics that aren’t covered in the Level system. I created this group to answer those questions.

3. How often do you meet?

  • a. Monthly. And because it’s a private group, you (the clinicians) take a poll on when you’d like to have your training according to your schedule.

4. Do we receive updates to the manual I already own?

  • a. Yes! The Gottman’s don’t even do this. (because of logistical difficulties). I can let you know of updates to my manual, and you can make the changes without buying a new one.
  • b. Sam creates his own refinements to interventions, and tests out concepts from John’s recent books. You’ll get those handouts as we go.

5. Are CEU’s offered?

  • a. This course is approved for 6 CEU’s for MFTs, LCSWs, PSY, and RN’s in most states (some exceptions for MFT in Michigan, and NJ); inquire if interested.
  • b. Note: R. Cassidy Seminars still charges a nominal biannual fee for your CEU certificate.

6. I’m not on Facebook. Do I need an account?

  • a. Yes. Facebook private groups make it really easy to share discussion, files, and store videos of all our trainings. It’s truly a classroom that never closes down. This one I cannot help you with; you might consider creating an account with your first name and last initial, using an email you typically do not use (so people won’t search you), and then you’ll be okay.

7. How do we meet?

  • a. About 30 minutes prior to the scheduled training, I post a link to a meeting. You’ll need a phone or to download the program and (ideally) headphones.

Don’t do these things:

  • Don’t let your Gottman training fall behind because it’s sitting on the shelf in your office.
  • Don’t let your skills become rusty just because you’re not getting enough couples.
  • Don’t sit in isolation after an intervention didn’t work in your practice.

At this point, I’m hoping you see what I’m trying to create, and I really built it just for you.

I don’t think price should be a big factor, particularly because you’ll receive CEU credit for our live trainings. So, does $8 seem okay with you?

Yep, just $8 for the first month.

That’s right, you could get a sandwich at Subway, or a month of training in the Gottman Method.  🙂

Thereafter, the cost is $27/month. Your card is charged automatically for your “membership” until you choose to go.

Just click the Add To Cart button below, and I’ll confirm your membership to the group. Then we’ll see you at the next training!

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