Want to Recharge Your Couples Practice?

The Gottman Method offers a concise plan for new and experienced clinicians to effectively approach the difficult scenarios that today’s couples are posing to therapists. The entire method is based upon over 40 years of research conducted by John Gottman and his colleagues and students.

If you're familiar with the Gottman Couples Therapy, you know that the timing and set up of the intervention is really important.

Nearly everyone struggles with this as they initially learn the method.

To address this common problem, I'm replaying my free webinar about timing and setup. This is information you won't get in Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.

This is great information for you to have going into our Level 1 training December 5-6, 2016 and Level 2 training February 20-22, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Everyone on the webinar gets a code for a great discount off the training, ONLY available to webinar attendees. Register Now
Level 1: The training reviews Dr. Gottmans three decades of research on what makes marriages succeed or fail, and teaches a therapy that helps troubled marriages.

The workshop provides a wealth of information about couples dynamics, marital assessment, couples exercises and therapeutic interventions. All materials may be used in private practice settings. Register Now
Level 2: The training takes the overview clinicians received in Level 1, and teaches concrete strategies to skillfully apply interventions using videos from John and Julie Gottman's private practice.

Level 2 participants leave feeling motivated to complete a thorough assessment, quickly getting to the heart of each couple's issues. Participants also receive direct feedback as they practice interventions, developing confidence in their new abilities.

On the final training day, participants learn from Julie Gottman's video case studies covering complicated cases involving affairs, PTSD, incest, addictions, borderline personality disorder, and more. All materials may be used in private practice settings. Register Now

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